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Help us create and refine the innovation process

We’re looking for a diverse team of Collaborators who will bring together a variety of experiences, perspectives and expertise, and who are able to advise, test, and learn from the experiments of the Lab. This is an exclusive opportunity to be alpha testers on the ideas coming out of the lab, the Theological Innovation Process as it is developed, and all other aspects of the Laboratory.  As the first to test these things, you will provide essential feedback that will help shape the experiments in the Innovation Lab.

Collaborators will have access to our annual Brain Trust training event (October 12-13 in Nashville) as well regional training events (tbd).  In short, Collaborators receive access to all the same resources as those selected as Innovation Lab partner churches except for the coaching process. Click here to become a collaborator!

Executive Collaborators:  $599 annually

– Invitation to the Brain Trust think tank (food, lodging, conference fees covered)
– Access to regional trainings
– Early draft access to processes we are creating (Theological Innovation Process, ideation games, etc.)
– Opportunity to test and provide feedback to prototypes of Innovation Lab Church programs and ideas.
– Early access to podcast episodes
– Access to Laboratory Team
– Live Quarterly Webinar
– Access to Innovation Culture Index
– Youth worker’s social capital evaluation (survey)
– Private Facebook group

Collaborators: $299 annually

– Receive recordings of the Brain Trust
– Beta testing on documents, final documents
– Early access to podcast episodes
– Recorded Webinar
– Recordings of regional training
– Private Facebook group
– Connect with communities of like-minded people

Want to collaborate with us? Click here.